A Word Of Welcome From The Principal



We know that one of the most important decisions that a parent makes on behalf of their child is the decision about which school to send them to. There are few things which are likely to have more impact on a young person’s future than the quality of the school they attend. So we work hard to ensure that everyone who sends their child to the  GSSS,K.LAHORA  is happy with that choice.

It is our belief that every child deserves the very best start in life and we make it our purpose to provide just that to all the children who enter our doors. We endeavour to provide the best possible teaching and curriculum; we want your child to make progress and achieve the very best they can; but most of all we want the children at the GSSS,K.LAHORA to be happy and enjoy their life with us.

We provide a warm welcome and ongoing support for all new families who join us and do all that we can to help both parents and pupils settle in. Your ward is with the school about 6 hours and remaining 18 hours he/she with his/her home environment, so you are requested to provide peaceful and learning atmosphere at home and ensure the given homework should be done properly at home.

I believe that Nations progress when they strive for excellence and people progress when they strive for the best. In their individual and collective growth in the growth of our nation, world order and mankind.